Dual Careers

Supports for Dual-Career Partners

Tufts has a small number of supports intended to assist the partners of Tufts faculty and staff members.

New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NE HERC)

Tufts is a member of the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. NE HERC is primarily a jobs listing service that helps institutions of higher education find jobs for members of their communities at other institutions in the area. To find out more information, members of AS&E may contact the Secretary of the Faculty or their Dean's Office for help getting started. 

Library privileges

Partners who need access to the Tisch Library for scholarly purposes can often apply for Visiting Scholar status, which grants library access similar to faculty access.

Tisch Library supports the research needs of faculty, scholars, and researchers who visit Tufts University Faculty of Arts, Sciences & Engineering by providing Tisch Library borrowing privileges during the period of the visitor’s affiliation with the University. Visiting faculty, scholar and researcher Tisch Library privileges are provided through University department and program sponsorship. To gain privileges, bring a sponsorship form, filled out by a program administrator or department chair, to the Tisch library circulation desk. Program administrators and department chairs can contact the circulation desk at 617-627-3347 for additional information.