Housing Assistance for AS&E Faculty

Rental Apartments Via Walnut Hill Properties

Walnut Hill Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tufts University that offers rental housing near campus to Tufts affiliates (faculty, staff and graduate students). A range of unit sizes are offered, subject to availability. Tenancies with Walnut Hill Properties are limited to three years. For more information, interested faculty should contact Cheryl Smith, Property Manager, at Walnut Hill Properties or at 781-391-5300.

Off-campus Housing Resource Center

Tufts' Off-Campus Housing Resource Center website is designed for students, but faculty may access it as well.

Resources include:

  • List of local realtors
  • Online rental/real estate listings
  • Resources for renters (typical rents, rights and responsibilities of renters, area resources, etc.)

Relocation Services

Tufts offers two forms of relocation services:

  • Moving companies that are Tufts-approved vendors include Olympia Moving, Gallo Moving and Storage, and Sterling Movers.
  • Relocation services as part of the Real Estate Advantage program offered by Coldwell Banker.

Home Ownership Support

This program is on hold. Tufts is partnered with a company called Landed, Inc., which may be able to help Tufts employees purchase a home. Landed can help faculty reach a 20% down payment for a home purchase through its shared equity program. AS&E faculty may watch a recorded session or  schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Landed representative.