A&S Interdepartmental Mentoring Program

The mentoring of early career faculty is the responsibility of the entire institution. The Dean, the Department Chair, departmental colleagues, colleagues in other departments, and staff members all have parts to play in ensuring that new faculty adapt as quickly as possible to the various institutional and disciplinary cultures that they must master. The School of Arts and Sciences has many programs and policies in place to aid in the development of junior faculty, including a mentoring program that matches early career faculty with senior faculty in other departments.

We believe that this program is an excellent way to introduce junior faculty members to the Tufts community and to provide guidance in handling the competing demands of a tenure-track faculty position. This program is designed to enhance the experience of junior faculty members during this important period of their careers. We take great care in matching up faculty members from different departments whose interests would complement each other. Studies have shown that such relationships can strongly enhance a junior faculty member's experience.

We do believe this program will have measurable benefits for junior faculty in all departments and be an enriching experience for senior faculty as well. For additional information, please contact the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.