AS&E Faculty Awards

Teaching, Research, and Service Awards

Excellence in teaching is a major goal at Tufts University. From its inception, the university has prided itself on providing students with the highest-quality education. At the same time, the university recognizes outstanding research that furthers our knowledge and understanding of each field of study. And we place a special value on service to our community. Each of the following awards is intended to single out those individuals whose contributions in these three areas are extraordinary.

Nominations are typically solicited in the spring and winners are announced at the final faculty meeting of the academic year, in May. For more information, contact the group responsible for administering the award.

Henry and Madeline Fischer Award

  • Awarded annually to a faculty member of the School of Engineering judged by graduating seniors of the School of Engineering to be "Engineering's Teacher of the Year."
  • Recipient will have demonstrated teaching excellence, inspired and motivated students to rise to their best, and left them a lasting and gratifying memory of a special teacher and a profound intellectual experience.

Lillian and Joseph Leibner Award for Excellence in Teaching and Advising of Students

  • Recognizes outstanding teaching and advising.
  • Nominees are recommended by faculty colleagues and students for the outstanding instruction and guidance of Tufts University students.
  • Presented annually to a member of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.
  • Award rotates among four broad categories of disciplines: arts and humanities; social sciences; natural sciences; and engineering.
  • Awarded by the dean's office of the school that corresponds with that year's academic discipline.
  • Selection committee consists of a review committee comprising five past recipients.

Lerman-Neubauer Prize for Outstanding Teaching and Advising

  • Awarded annually to a faculty member who has had a profound intellectual impact on his or her students, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Nominated by graduating seniors.
  • Presented annually to a member of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.
  • Selection committee consists of the Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies and the two previous recipients.

Seymour Simches Award for Distinguished Teaching and Advising

  • Awarded annually to a senior member of the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences and a senior member of the faculty of the School of Engineering.
  • Recognizes a lifetime of outstanding teaching and advising.
  • Selected by the dean(s) of the corresponding school.

Faculty Research Awards Committee (FRAC) Distinguished Scholar Award

  • Recognizes one faculty member annually for outstanding research and scholarship.
  • Research and scholarship of the last five years is the main basis for consideration, but overall scholarly contribution to the field is also considered.
  • Departments are on a three-year alternating cycle whereby departments are broadly grouped into social sciences, arts and humanities, and natural sciences.
  • The departments within the appropriate category are asked to nominate one faculty member during that year.
  • More information can be found at FRAC's website.

Recognition of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

  • The Recognition of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence, formerly known as the Undergraduate Initiative in Teaching Excellence (UNITE), recognizes distinguished teaching, advising and mentoring by tenure-track members of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering. This award is specifically intended for untenured (but tenure-track) full-time faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching and advising, show concern for their students' academic and personal growth, and who convey a passion and enthusiasm for their field of study.
  • Each department may nominate one candidate for this award. Please see the required documents below.
    • Letter of nomination
    • Summary of teaching evaluations (may be included in letter of nomination)
    • Sampling of student comments about teaching, advising and mentoring (may be included in letter of nomination)
    • Evidence of innovative teaching (usually demonstrated through sample course syllabi)
    • Description of the nominee's teaching and advising philosophy (to be provided by the nominee)
    • Curriculum Vitae of nominee
    • Nominations are restricted to one nomination per department, but all departments in Arts, Sciences and Engineering are eligible. Nomination materials should be sent via email to

Faculty/Staff Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Service Award

  • Awarded by the AS&E Equal Educational Opportunity Committee.
  • This award recognizes the contributions of members of the AS&E faculty and staff who have made significant efforts to define Tufts as a DEIJ environment in which race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, and sexual orientation are not barriers to the full enjoyment of community membership. Each year we typically select one faculty member and one staff person whose efforts at Tufts best exemplify these ideals. Equal Educational Opportunity Committee would appreciate your assistance in identifying faculty and staff members who deserve to be recognized. We are especially interested in nominations of individuals whose work may have had a significant impact on our community even if it has not received much publicity.

The Gerald R. Gill Distinguished Service Award

  • Awarded by the Africana Center.
  • Acknowledges an effort to create a collegiate environment where the contributions of people of African descent are not only recognized but celebrated.
  • Presented annually to a member of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.
  • Awarded every other year.

Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Award in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering

  • This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding support of a graduate student (or students) from course completion through research and post-degree placement. Special attention will be paid to nominees who have demonstrated ongoing support for underrepresented students and for issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Two awards are given each year, one recognizing a faculty member in Arts and Sciences and one recognizing a faculty member in Engineering.
  • Nomination Instructions for Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Award