Subcommittee on Specific Learning Disabilities

(Subcommittee of EPC)

Standing Bylaw Committee of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2020-2021

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing

Rank, Department


Davis, Maria-Concepcion Lagunas

Senior Lecturer, Romance Studies


Marfeo, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy


Pausini, Cristina

Senior Lecturer, Romance Studies


Pinto, Silas*

Lecturer, Education


Race, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, Psychology


Slonim, Donna

Professor, Computer Science


Pillette, Kate J. +

School Psychology & Learning Specialist, StAAR Center


Bellof, Matthew +

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising


Jampel, Julie +

Director of Mental Health Services, or designee, Counseling Center


* Chair/Co-Chair
+ ex-officio/non-voting

The function of the Subcommittee on Specific Learning Disabilities, a subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee, is to review and coordinate efforts relating to the issues of specific learning disabilities on campus, including the provision of equal educational opportunity through opportunity through accommodation to the disability and the evaluation of student petitions in consultation with appropriate deans.

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