Committee on the European Center at Talloires

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2023-2024

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Rank, DepartmentTerm
(On leave)
Badde, StephanieAssistant Professor, Psychology2021-2026
Beckley, MichaelAssociate Professor, Political Science2020-2025
Finkelstein Shapiro, AlanAssistant Professor, Economics2019-2024
Giacconi, RiccardoProfessor of the Practice, SMFA2023-2028
Omenetto, FiorenzoProfessor, Biomedical Engineering2020-2025
Pearce, TracySenior Lecturer, Romance Studies2023-2028
Salinas-Quiroz, FernandoAssistant Professor, Child Study and Human Development2022-2027
Taieb, AnneSenior Lecturer, Romance Studies2022-2027
Tu, LoringProfessor, Mathematics(2019-2024)
VanTongeren, JillAssociate Professor, Earth and Climate Sciences2020-2025
Ghosh, Melanie Mala +Associate Dean and Senior Director, Study Abroad and Global Education 
Goldstein, Gabriella ^Director, European Center 
Leathers, Tanesha +Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising 
Shevel, Oxana ^Director, International Relations Program 
Gerassi-Navarro, Nina ^Department Chair, Romance Studies 

* Chair/Co-Chair
+ ex-officio/non-voting
^ ex-officio/voting

The function of the Committee on the European Center at Talloires (Talloires Committee) is to oversee all credit programs offered at the Talloires program, recommend and approve topics and faculty members for academic programs and candidates for the position of academic director. The committee also advises the director of the European Center on issues related to the center's maintenance and direction and participates in long-range planning.

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