The Executive Committee

Elected, Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2023-2024

Term: Three (3) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing

Rank, Department


Forber, Patrick

Associate Professor, Philosophy


Garden, Ken *

Associate Professor, Religion


Proctor, David

Distinguished Senior Lecturer, History


Scheck, Rebecca

Associate Professor, Chemistry


Sheldon, Mark *

Associate Teaching Professor, Computer Science


Zakari, Chantal

Professor of the Practice, School of the Museum of Fine Arts


* Chair/Co-Chair
+ ex-officio/non-voting

The function of the Executive Committee (ExCom) is to determine the agenda topics of the AS&E faculty meetings, based on information from the administration, faculty committees and other sources. The ExCom directs business to, and serves as a sounding board for, faculty committees. The committee oversees faculty committee structure and operation, it serves as a liaison between faculty and administration, and its members serve as faculty representatives to key faculty and trustee committees. In its role as liaison between faculty and administration, the ExCom ensures that faculty members are aware of and involved in administration-initiated changes, and it provides feedback to the administration about faculty sentiments and concerns. A major function of the ExCom is to provide advice to faculty committees about motions they are considering bringing to the full faculty for consideration and/or vote. Individual committees, not the ExCom, decide whether, when, and in what form, a motion is to be introduced. The ExCom's function is purely advisory, and it is up to each faculty committee to decide whether to consult with the ExCom.

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