Diversity Fund Committee

Committee of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2020-2021

Term: Three (3) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing

Rank, Department


Barahal, Susan

Lecturer, Education


Khubchandani, Kareem

Assistant Professor, Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies


Loh, Penn

Senior Lecturer, Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning


Lowe, Carmen

(Designee for Dean of School of Arts and Sciences)

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering


Sevigny, Briana

(Designee for Dean of Student Affairs)

Director of Community Standards


Saigal, Anil

Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Swan, Chris

(Designee for Dean of the School of Engineering)

Associate Professor, Dean of Undergraduate Education, School of Engineering


Wendell, Kristen

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Sullivan, Erin +

Secretary of the Faculty, School of Arts and Sciences & School of Engineering


* Chair/Co-Chair
+ ex-officio/non-voting

The Diversity Fund is intended to support proposals from faculty, staff, or faculty/staff collaborating with students that focus on issues related to social justice, diversity, and campus social climate that will enhance our campus community in lasting ways.

View this committee's workload obligations.


Diversity Fund applications are accepted four times a year:

  • September 25, 2020 (for fall and spring events)
  • November 23, 2020 (for spring events)
  • February 16, 2021 (for spring and summer events)
  • May 20, 2021 (for fall events)

To apply, download the Diversity Fund Application and email it to asediversityfund@tufts.edu

The Diversity Fund usually does not fund requests for more than $5,000; awards in the $2,000 range or under are more typical.

The committee looks forward to receiving creative ideas that will enhance our campus community in lasting ways. If you have questions in anticipation of funding deadlines, please contact Erin Sullivan (Secretary of the Faculty for AS&E), or Lia Tosiello (Administrative Assistant) at: asediversityfund@tufts.edu.

Tips for submitting a successful application

Information about diversity initiatives