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Requests to modify the course catalog (courses and academic units) may be received anytime, though approved requests received by the end of September will become effective no earlier than the following January; requests received by the end of October will become effective no earlier than the following May; and, requests received by the end of February will become effective no earlier than the following September.  Requests to change existing majors or minors, or create new majors or minors may be received anytime, and will become effective at the start of academic year that follows completion of the relevant approval process. 

MEMBERSHIP: 2023-2024

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Rank, DepartmentTerm
Ramsburg, Andrew*Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering2014-2024
Gallagher, Hugh
Professor, Physics & Astronomy(2019-2025)
Hu, Xiaozhe
(Mathematics Representative)
Associate Professor, Mathematics(2017-2024)
Huang, FelixLecturer, Mechanical Engineering2020-2025
(HA/SS Representative)
Liggero, SamProfessor of the Practice, Tufts Gordon Institute2022-2027
Lillethun, DaveAssistant Teaching Professor, Computer Science2023-2024
Mace, Charles
(Chemistry Representative)
Associate Professor, Chemistry2016-2024
McNinch, George
(Mathematics Representative)
Professor, Mathematics2023-2024
Mirkin, Kate
(Biology Representative)
Senior Lecturer, Biology2023-2028
Sliwa, Krzysztof 
(Physics & Astronomy representative)
Professor, Physics and Astronomy2023-2024
Sonkusale, SameerProfessor, Electrical & Computer Engineering2021-2026
Xu, QiaobingProfessor, Biomedical Engineering2022-2024
Yi, HyunminAssociate Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering2022-2024
Herrera, AshleighGraduate student representative, Graduate Student Council2023-2024
Proctor, David +
(A&S Curricula Committee Representative)
Senior Lecturer, History 
Brown, Robin +Assistant Registrar, Student Services Center 
Fristrom, David +Engineering Research & Instruction Librarian, Tisch Library 
Swan, Chris +Dean of Undergraduate Education, School of Engineering 
Stephan, Jennifer +Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies, School of Engineering 

+ ex-officio/non-voting

The School of Engineering Curriculum Committee (SOECC) is charged with maintaining the health and wellbeing of the curricula offered by the School of Engineering (SOE). SOE programs and courses arise from the initiative of the faculty of the school. Thus, the principal goal of SOECC is to support our programs as they evolve in response to constituent needs. Support begins with vetting requested changes against School and University interests and policy. In practice, this entails ensuring that The Bulletin of Tufts University, course catalog, and program listings contain accurate, definitive, unambiguous, and concise information related to all programs and courses offered within the School of Engineering.

SOECC receives requests for action from departments and programs. SOECC acts on requests pertaining to any course offered within the School of Engineering, as well as all undergraduate programs (i.e., majors and minors). Changes to graduate programs are handled by the School of Engineering Graduate Studies Committee.

Committee members include representatives from each engineering department appointed by the respective department chair. Membership also includes representatives of specific departments in the School of Arts and Sciences that serve engineering interests, including faculty members from math, physics, and chemistry, as well as a representative from the social sciences or humanities. The arts and sciences representatives may be appointed by the Committee on Committees. There is also a student representative, typically appointed by the TCU Senate. Any full-time voting-eligible faculty member of the School of Engineering may serve as a representative for engineering. Any fulltime voting-eligible faculty member of the School of Arts and Sciences may serve as a representative for arts and sciences. The typical term of appointment is six years, though repeat terms are common at departmental discretion.

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