Committee on Academic Standing and Honors

Standing Bylaw Committee of the School of Arts and Sciences

MEMBERSHIP: 2023-2024

Term: Five (5) years

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Directory Listing

Rank, Department

(On leave)

Brunker, Tim

Lecturer, Chemistry


Kao, Mimi *

Assistant Professor, Biology


Luis, Diego Javier

Assistant Professor, History


Mahoney, Anne *

Senior Lecturer, Classical Studies


Merolla, Carmen

Senior Lecturer, Romance Studies


Queen, Alexander

Senior Lecturer, Psychology


Bellof, Matthew +

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising


Lowe, Carmen +

Dean, Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies


Leathers, Tanesha +

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising


Casey, Caitlin +

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising


Koegel, Susan +

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising


+ ex-officio/non-voting

The function of the Committee on Academic Standing and Honors is to uphold high academic standards among undergraduates in Arts & Sciences. The committee reviews and recommends academic standards (i.e., academic honors and academic probation) and regularly reviews the academic standing of Arts and Sciences undergraduates twice per year. The committee meets at least 3 times per year (in mid-January, late April or early May, and early June), and conducts some business via email over the summer and in January, April, and May. While the summa honors process is quite visible to the faculty as a whole, the committee's work on academic standing is less visible because of its confidential nature but is no less important because it may determine whether a student is eligible to remain enrolled at Tufts.

Visit the School of Arts and Sciences Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.

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