Committee on Academic Standing

Standing Bylaw Committee of the School of Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2020-2021

Term: Five (5) years

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Directory Listing

Rank, Department


Viesca, Rob*

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Deshlahra, Prashant

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering


Jiang, Xiaocheng

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Liu, Liping

Assistant Professor, Computer Science


Vu, Mai

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Woodward, Matthew

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering



Associate Dean of Students, Student Services


Lamotte, Ellise +

Director, Center for STEM Diversity, School of Engineering


Reilly, Patricia +

Director of Financial Aid and Manager of Student Services


Stephan, Jennifer +

Dean, Undergraduate Advising, School of Engineering


+ ex-officio/non-voting

The function of the Academic Standing Committee of the School of Engineering is to review student progress toward fulfillment of degree requirements. When necessary, the committee may issue warnings to students, place students on academic probation, or require students to withdraw and communicate with parents or guardians.

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