Academic Review Board

Standing Bylaw Committee of the School of Arts and Sciences

MEMBERSHIP: 2023-2024

Term: Three (3) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Rank, DepartmentTerm
(on leave)
Abrams, LeahAssistant Professor, Community Health2023-2024
Ellmore, George
(Subcommittee Chair: Distribution)
Associate Professor, Biology2014-2024
Baffoni-Licata, LauraSenior Lecturer, Romance Studies2010-2024
Edelstein, MeredithLecturer, Education2022-2025
Love, PeterProfessor, Physics and Astronomy(2021-2024)
Proctor, David
(Subcommittee Chair: World Civilizations)
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, History2016-2024
Scarlett, George 
(Subcommittee Chair: Culture)
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Child Study and Human Development2018-2024
Seaver, NickAssistant Professor, Anthropology2023-2028
Wolff, NathanAssociate Professor, English2022-2028
Bellof, Matthew +Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising 

+ ex-officio/non-voting

The function of the Academic Review Board (ARB) is to monitor the ongoing fulfillment of the degree requirements, as well as to respond to new petitions related to the fulfillment of the college writing distribution, foreign language and culture option, and world civilizations requirements.

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